Mother/Son Motorcycle Class

More than any other five words, mothers cherish "Mom, I want a motorcycle" -- it's the moment they know they've raised a man. Still, moms do sometimes fret about "wheelies", "accidents", and "road pizza". This Mother's Day assuage her hysterical fears, by scheduling Mother/Son private lessons at MSS. Motorcycle Safety School is the largest training program in New York State -- and it was founded by a woman, so right off the bat mom's apprehension'll be replaced by sisterly empowerment. * last anywhere from 1-3 hours, and use Suzuki or Honda 250s -- nothing too powerful, but dangerous enough to give mom the kicks she's secretly craved since settling for your father. Instructors teach on un-crowded Manhattan streets, where the two of you will laugh like teenage girls as you practice the essentials: shifting, swerving, cornering, figure 8s, and, after some thrilling trial and error, braking. MSS also offers an intensive two-day advanced course. Pass its exit test, and you'll get your state motorcycle license. Then you and mom can hit the road -- a gang of two out for action, adventure, and delicious highway-side saltwater taffy. Take a spill, and you'll give her the best present of all: a good cry on her shoulder that'll show her that even at 32, you're still mommy's little baby. *Before your lessons, hit the DMV for the easy, 20-question written learner's permit test -- you and mom at the DMV, just like old times.