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Double Decker Fun

Assuming you have friends, even the most spacious limo will get cramped once your guys are on-board -- leaving little room for wayward female travelers, or carnival-game stuffed animals. Stretch out in a London bus from London Bus And Taxi

Normally reserved for map-of-the-stars sightseeing, LB&T'S fleet of double-deckers can be commandeered to serve any need: drunken club tours, film shoots, bar mitzvahs, drunken bar mitzvah tours, etc. These crimson Goliaths can hold up to 70, half of whom can party up top, where only God and Manute Bol can see what they're up to. Your driver will narrate if you want him to, but instead of letting him drone on about Danny DeVito's topiaries, grab the mic and show everyone on Cahuenga that you know all the words to "Parents Just Don't Understand." All tours are BYOB, and aside from "no falling off", the only rule is no urinating off the side. Which is too bad: when you pull up next to a stretch limo, it will take all your discipline not to shoot for the sunroof -- showing them who's having fun and who's crammed into a pee-sprinkled sausagefest.