uWink 24 Night

Maybe you've heard about Woodland Hills' uWink -- but if you don't live in the Valley, it's tough to find a reason to go, as it's located in Woodland Hills. Your excuse carries a gun every Monday: Jack Bauer

A high-concept bar/restaurant/arcade/TV temple, uWink is the latest creation from the tormented mastermind that gave the world Chuck E. Cheese's, and with it animatronic rodents with pizza-grease-slicked fur. Continuing his innovation in the field of technology-meets-junkfood, every table at uWink is equipped with a touch-screen system through which you order (nachos, salads, beer, etc) and play games ("Bubble-Bobble"-esque puzzles, trivia, even restaurant-wide Truth Or Dare where, like middle school, nobody cares about truths). All around you, projection wall-screens canvas the place, giving uWink a Total Recall-ish air of futurism -- notwithstanding a conspicuous lack of Martian turbidium mining coverage.

But to see uWink at its most raucous, hit their Monday 24 night, when Bauer+friends+terrorists-who-were-once-friends take over the walls. Everyone's cultishly into the action, even during the commercials: 24 trivia guarantees no downtime contemplation of your next deadly mission -- eluding uWink's elite cadre of holdover robot mice to get the hell out of Woodland Hills.