Blue Light Floatation

Between work, ESPN News, and haunting memories of middle school bullies, your brain's critically over-stimulated. Clear your melon with a sensory deprivation session at Blue Light Floatation.

"Floating" was developed by a hippy neuroscientist beloved for dropping LSD and communicating with dolphins. His mission was taken up by Sam Zeiger, a floating apostle who for 21 years has maintained one of New York's only SD chambers in his 23rd Street apartment/spa

Sam's set-up is comprised of a fiberglass pool behind a soundproof wall, filled with ozone-infused water into which 1000lbs of Epsom salt has been dissolved. The chamber's total silence, complete lack of light, and your own weightlessness usher you into a deep trance-like state more relaxing than a million happy endings. Best of all, you can achieve this transcendence without enduring the breathing techniques, "visualizations", or Ravi Shankar jams endemic to more trendy and annoying forms of meditation

While you might feel awkward floating naked in what's essentially some guy's bathtub, Sam takes floating far more seriously than competitor spas -- who're more focused on selling you paraffin facials than cultivating your inner glory. And, whereas spa tubs can get funkier than a municipal pool, Zeiger spends several hours a day cleansing his watery temple. The only question's how long to float: veterans'll bob for three hours, but for novices an hour's the sweet spot -- after you've fully chilled out, but before your tormented childhood resurfaces, loosening your bowels and destroying the purity Sam works so hard to maintain.

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