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Prime Burger Cafe

Steakhouses serve some of the best burgers around -- unfortunately, ordering one means two hours of feeling stupid for not getting a steak. Solving this predicament: Prime Burger Café, officially open Monday.

PBC is an outdoor burger patio annexed to Old Homestead -- NYC's oldest steakhouse, opened in the Ulysses S. Grant-tastic year of 1868. The Café's groundbeefwiches include gourmet'd basics (the Artisanal Cheeseburger), ethnic nods (the Greek), and the ambrosial: a lobster-medallion-topped Surf & Turf Steak Burger (stuff it into a tumbler of boiling scotch and you've got Cup-O'-Steakhouse). Also available are non-burger sandwiches, like a bourbon-glazed pork sandwich and a Kobe beef frankfurter -- because Japan's animal husbandry masters have always dreamed of contributing to the elevation of the hot dog.

None of the above're available inside Old Homestead, but the steakhouse menu can be had on the patio -- just don't tell anyone, or the Café will witness a beef escalation, and you'll once again feel like a moron for not ordering the porterhouse.