Fly gear with classic roots

Dramatic actors can make even the most mundane tasks seem charged with meaning -- like smoking, opening a can of beans, or betraying the Yakuza. Some say it's the method, but the right clothes can help: Orthodox. LA-based Orthodox claims influences ranging from Shakespeare to Frank Lloyd Wright -- but this big-brained potpourri can be distilled down into a cinematic aesthetic best described as "Moody Noir". Clean-lined and tailor-fitted from the finest fabrics, this gear'll infuse your everyday existence with sexy ponderousness. Some highlights:Falstaff Blazer: A stretchable, Italian-cotton blend with nontraditional pinstripes, for a busy look that says, "I'm not going to sleep with this hotel lounge prostitute, I'm going to educate her. With books." Marquez Jacket: Part bomber, part motorcycle jacket, this leather job's available with alpaca fur collar, or without, for those who love animals but hate cows. Ginsberg Sweater: Available in black and gray, this 100% cotton, corduroy-patched number claims stylistic influence from the military, yet was named for an "Ohm"-chanting beat poet who...once tried to levitate the Pentagon. Oh well, no irony there. Orthodox also stocks vests, giving you the look of a handsome gunslinger for whom life's significance is frequently boiled down to one precious second. Or you'll look like a jerk in a vest.