Karnali Wraptors

There are the stylish flip-flops you rock to a pool party in the hills, and then there are the fugly sport sandals that keep you from drowning in whitewater after falling off a boulder. For the latest in the latter, check out the Karnali Wraptors.Currently shipping exclusively to the West Coast, the Wraptor is Teva's latest high-tech sport sandal, optimized for hiking, rafting, or hiding bodies in a marsh. Even among Tevas the Wraptor's watery aplomb's unprecedented, partly due to the Drain Frame: mesh points built into the sole that wick moisture away, preventing slippage/swampfoot. On the ground, their soft-yet-durable Spider Rubber outsole keeps you planted, and ends in a curled-over toe guard that allows you to savagely kick things without damaging your piggies.Like any other Teva, the Wraptors won't win any beauty pageants, but they do at least come in three colors (olive, navy, and gray). Whichever you chose, it'll be worth the $100, as you'll have protection for all aquatic activities, save peeing in the pool.