Rock 'n booze 'n food 'n roll

Different music evokes different reactions -- a Springsteen song makes you want to party or get really sad, Hall & Oates makes you want to wear pastels & do drugs, and the theme from Murder She Wrote just makes you want to bang Angela Lansbury, but totally as a joke, right?!? For a music-driven resto/bar that'll make you want to bang Angela Lansbury eat, check out The Brixton.From a trio of nightlife vets looking to rock Cow Hollow, Brix's a 135-seat trend-conscious food 'n drink-purveyor with concert venue flair, including a wall of rare framed tour posters from its namesake (famous South London music venue The Brixton Academy) and blown-up concert photography from Pac Heights' now-closed 5,400-seat rock arena Winterland; there're also mood-setting interior deets like flute and reed wrapped columns, a working fireplace with a mantelpiece from 1888, and brown leather banquettes/booths, but not Wilkes Booths, as those are just murder to sit in (you get ass-assinated!). The kitchen's overseen by a chef duo from Midi, and'll churn out American fare from 11am-1am, including grub-tastic offerings like a House-made Pretzel Twist starter with Fresno chile and cheddar cheese dip, a Fried Chicken Salad main topped with a jalapeno- and bacon-buttermilk dressing, Crispy Pork Confit with spiced shinko pear sauce, and maple-bourbon ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe made just for the Brix, like Kwame Brown's backyard hoop. There're also non-ice cream booze options at a horseshoe shaped, black crystal-chandeliered bar that'll seat 20 and serve up craftily touched-up cocktails -- created by a Taverna Aventine/Ambassador alum -- like Hendricks Gin Basil Rickey and The Ernest (Matusalem rum, Maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, simple syrup), plus 35 vino varieties and 23 beers (10 on tap, 13 bottled) ranging from Mirror Pond to Alaskan Amber, not to be confused with Alaskan Amber Alerts, which occur when one of the four children in the state gets kidnapped by bears.Brunch kicks off the weekend after their Jan 19th grand opening and'll include the pulled-pork Brixton Benedict, which you'll most likely need if you attend their exclusive-but-don't-worry-we-have-invites rager the night before, unless you're the ever-alluring Jessica Fletcher and only have to type three words in your typewriter the next morning to call it a day.