Yacht Smart

Just because you're trudging through blizzard sludge doesn't mean it's too early to start planning a monster summer. But instead of arranging to sleep in the bathtub at an East Hampton share-hovel, call Yacht Smart, the area's first luxury powerboat timeshare.

Yacht Smart is now selling time on its fleet of 27-foot Crownline Cabin Cruisers. You're guaranteed seven slots per month (totaling 74 operating hours), plus potential bonus slots: if a yacht isn't reserved by someone else 24hrs in advance, it's yours to commandeer without burning up your allotment. Timeslots can be booked back-to-back (for trips to Amagansett), or used individually -- we suggest motoring a date to a boat-friendly restaurant like The Water Club, ideally while wearing a captain's hat and bluchers.

Each boat's equipped with GPS and depth sounder, so safety's assured until someone gets trigger-happy with the flare gun. As for luxury, you get a grill, sound system, and fridge, plus a stove for lighting enormous yachting joints. The cabin sleeps four, while the deck can accommodate nine members of your suddenly bloated social circle. There's also a foredeck where you can sun yourself while trying to remember your new friends' names

Membership's $525 per month, but that's thousands less than what it'd cost to maintain your own vessel. Plus, Yacht Smart's Co-Captain program lets you split slightly higher monthly fees with a buddy ($300 per captain). Beyond that there's a $1000 initiation fee that covers both open water lessons and cram sessions for your boater's license, plus a $2500 security deposit in case the lessons don't take -- or you decide sharing's for suckers, and set a course for Cuba.