The List: V-Day

Cook:Valentine's Day Tapas with Agavero TequilaFeb 14; Chef's Inc; 10955 W Pico Blvd, West LA310.470.2277; ChefsInc.NetGirlfriends want to spend VDay with their special guys; guys want to spend it with their special liquor. As a saucy compromise, hit this tequila-based tapas class, where besides basting chicken with agave, you'll also freely imbibe cactused cocktails like "The Aphrodisiac" -- a deliciously effective alternative to musk-scented candles and Drums of the Jungle Vol. 9

Buy: Frederick's of HollywoodFeb 9, 5-8pm; 6751 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood; 310.957.5953Make reservations here When buying a woman lingerie, it's tough figuring out when an item crosses over from "Okay, I'll wear it, but only for you" to "Get out of my car you swine". Cut out the guesswork on Friday, when a by-appointment expert'll be on hand to make sure whatever you grab (at 20% off) showcases your lady's nipples in only the most tasteful manner

Eat: WhyCookLA.comDid you punt on romantic restaurant reservations? Then order in from WCLA, a service that delivers meals from high-end restaurants like Sushi Roku and Massimo. Now all that stands between you and fake-holiday bliss'll be the tower of pizza boxes you've been using as furniture

Go:Primo Block PartyFeb 12-14; 8590 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood; 310.289.8995; ILovePrimo.comPoor? Instead of presenting your girlfriend with flowers obviously stolen from municipal plantings, hit Caffe Primo's opening. The coffee-and-gelato haven will be offering visitors free bags of Euphora Apothecary bath/body products as well as a raffle for prizes like a day of pampering at Bella Nails -- a gift you should hand over to her, no matter how badly shredded your cuticles are from road median daisies

Service: SaveMyAss.comIf all the preceding information was hopelessly confusing, visit If you still can't maintain a relationship with the help of this idiot-proof service, please refer to