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Swank up your home-style eats

In a town of velvet ropes and bulging, exposed... egos, it's easy to lose sight of what's really important -- meatloaf. Have it both ways at Ketchup.Ketchup's a new class-meets-kitsch joint from the Dolce Group (Bella, Geisha House, Dolce), slinging home-style food you'll recognize from childhood as "good" at prices you'll recognize from adulthood as "expensive". Dishes include "Slow on Sunday Morning" Sloppy Joes, "American Comfort" (tomato soup/grilled cheese), and the Sam Adams-doused "Beer Can Chicken" -- presumably a shout out to Ketchup investor/beer fancier Tara Reid. The bar continues the red-carpet-meets-compartmentalized-tray theme with offerings like Yoo-hoo-based cocktails -- once your bootleg drink of necessity, until it gave you juvenile diabetes. But perhaps the most glorious part of all this is the view: you'll be basking in the red glow of Ketchup's minimalist 2nd floor space, laughing down at peasants as they disconsolately plod Sunset towards their own comfort food -- whose taste will suffer from both the microwave's cruel rays, and the stigma of being totally un-ironic.