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Published On 06/14/2007 Published On 06/14/2007

Most online dating sites niggle around with "interests" and "favorite books" while ignoring the real questions, like "will you be ok with my drinking 8 beers before dinner?" or "are you weirded out by 3-foot Scooby-Doo Bongs?" To find girls who'll answer the latter with "not if I can hit it first," check out

PotPartner's an internet matchmaker for stoners, started by two marijuana fanciers sick of hearing "It's me or the tree." Like most sites, you create a profile and seek a potential match; unlike most sites, the "how often do you smoke" question refers to sweet chiba, and lying "never" won't score you any points. The system allows you to browse "users" based on age, location, and frequency, i.e., daily or social -- though "social" could indicate either casual irregularity, or that you're comfortable being around others as you eat stray Bugles from between couch cushions

To prevent Pot Partner from devolving into a narcotics-buying portal, the site's creators personally sift through all the content -- because the point isn't to score some drugs, it's to score while on drugs.