The interminable Memorial Day car trip involves an endless string of unforeseen calamities, making you wish you'd just stayed at home and rented National Lampoon's Vacation, or possibly Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure. Instead, be those calamities' father with Mobio.Mobio's a free cellphone app that brings Yellow-Pages-like local info right to your Blackberry-palsied fist. In addition to their brand-new Cheap Gas Finder (broken down by location, fuel brand, or saved favorites) other features include:

  • Stepping Out: A searchable portal for bars and concert venues, since your adventuresome on-the-fly plans generally require carefully researched plan Bs.
  • Panic Kit: If you're not a AAA member, this'll help you find the nearest garage, then collapse into the burly embrace of a mechanic as you weep at your inability to change a tire.
  • Sports Center: Real-time sports scores sent directly to your phone, so you can finally turn off ESPN Radio and relax to the dulcet tones of Jock Jams.

Mobio works on most web-enabled phones and through most carriers, with more on the way soon -- so you'll come out on top of whatever obstacles you face, unless your other Memorial Day tradition is to drunkenly drop your phone into a urinal.