Fremont Apparel

In the '60s and '70s, Los Angeles was a wonderland of meandering golf games, pinup girls, and unremembered Vegas weekends. We think. To evoke that golden era, check out Fremont Apparel.Designed by three Angelenos and named after Las Vegas' sleaziest street, Fremont manages to summon '70s martini brunches and '60s unprotected sex without making you vomit/giving you the clap. They achieve this vision using top-notch textiles like silk jersey and twills so lightweight, you'll assume they have a massive coke habit. The slim-fitting minimalist designs range from simple plaid button-downs and striped, wide-collared summer sweaters, to sleek black suits sure to impress even the most cagey Corvette salesman. Because comfort is ageless, some of Fremont's trousers are even fitted with elastic waists -- since what good is a lazy game of golf if you can't eat a whole pinup girl?