Indian Wells Brewing Company

Along with "sports franchise" and "adult production company", "brewery" tops the list of businesses you'd like to run. Put it back in your pants, slugger: Indian Wells Brewing Company's making your dream come true.A short drive outside LA, IWBC's is a small brewhouse that'll not only make you drunk, it'll concoct you your very own kind of beer. The brewing starts from scratch, with you specifying desired characteristics (hoppiness, octane level, propensity to make you want to play volleyball, etc), with tastings throughout the process to make sure your beer's just so. To get on the wagon, set up an appointment with brewmaster Rick Lovett and lay out your specific suds; labeling the finished product is up to you, but consult a lawyer before naming it Chadweiser. If you can't get friends to split the minimum of 200 cases, consider a custom blend of IWBC's house beers, which have a less-Nick-Nolte 20-case minimum. But go for the glory and you'll be glad you did, whether you're kicking back and entertaining entrepreneurial fantasies or throwing a massive bash for your AAA ball team -- the Tarzana Money Shots.