Did we mention the booze is free?

From scoreless ballgames, to weddings, to battlefield amputations, liquid fortification can enliven even the most tiresome drudgeries. Now shopping's getting the ethyl treatment at Krisol, open yesterday.Rescuing the boutique-weary man, Krisol offers shopping straight-up, with a twist. The store stocks Cassette jeans, cardigans, and ties; Generra button-downs; and tees from Artful Dodger and Topless (stylish irony that everyone'll appreciate, provided you're wearing yours, and not waving it to score beads). More importantly, as you browse the above goods, the in-store bar'll serve you gratis beer, wine, and liquor, lubricating the shopping process with boozy goodwill, while introducing the worry that you'll end up going home with the hot shirt's ugly friend. Once your credit card/liver are maxed, there's a lounge area where you can pull up some couch, confident that you're prepared for wherever fate sends you next, be it the ballpark, a casual-dress wedding, or a ghoulishly real Civil War reenactment.