Sweet shades with Japanese roots

Summer's here to poke you in your squishy, naked eyeball, so it's time to update your shades. For sunglasses as cool as you tell your grandma you are, check out Dita.Born from the fusion of Japanese precision and Silverlake anything-goes-ery, Dita employs top-flight materials and expert detailing to deliver retro flavor without tumbling into the tiresome dumpster of kitsch. Some prime examples:

  • Berretta: Done in plastic handmade in Italy, these shades'll protect your eyes from the world, and the world from recognizing that you are, in fact, descended from an ancient race of liger.
  • Bullet: Gleaming steel legs sprout from a frame meaty enough to survive the beating you'll get when you assume you can get away with wearing them at night.
  • Payback: Thick, near wraparounds whose name'll take you back to those flaming bags of retribution you left on Mel Gibson's porch.

Though the Melrose location's the the company's flagship store, you can also score Ditas at Barneys -- though too much time amidst throngs of pointy-toothed Beverly Hills shoppers will likely have you poking out your own moist, naked eyeballs.