All You Can Eat Dodgers Seats

With Spring Training in full swing, a man's thoughts naturally turn to Dodger Dogs. This year, the best part of baseball gets even better as Dodger Stadium introduces an all-you-can-eat section

Running through season's end, the right field pavilion'll become a wonderland of transfatted nitrates. For $35, you get to watch the Dodgers make an almost-playoff push while stuffing your face with endless nachos, dogs, peanuts, popcorn, and sweet, sweet soda (unfortunately, the deal excludes beer in a prudent effort to reduce incidences of bathroom pee-trough sliding). In a half-hearted nod to your heart, the roving food guys don't participate in the deal, so you'll have to get up to place each order -- but that's just an opportunity to experience the singularly deep burn of climbing stairs while balancing 60 tubs of molten cheese food product

Further sweetening this deal is an up-to-$15-per-ticket discount for large groups -- so be sure to coordinate with friends/family/wiener fiends. While you're at it, call up Lasorda: Slim Fast's all well and good, but who can say no to Fat Faster?