Clip Artsy

There're tons of things you can do with old pictures: put 'em in an album; scan 'em to Facebook, or just repeatedly check them to make sure Marty McFly and his siblings haven't completely disappeared. Now using old pics for hilarity's sake, Clip Artsy

Clip Artsy's an online repository of public-domain pictures dating all the way back to the '30s, with captions added by a UCB alum who's also been a TV writer for The Onion's sports show and Mad TV, though you would be too if your funniest cast member was Frank Caliendo. Some of the highlights

A worker holds a glass pitcher out to a man in a suit holding cash."I'd like all the urine you can spare.

An old-time mustached fire chief beckons."The only fire here is the one I'm about to start in your panties."

A man sits in a jalopy, with his buddy next to him motioning to the road behind the car."Saw you hit that kid back there. NICE!

A town crier screams through a megaphone. "Ugh, for the last time, Shelly, I ONLY DATE BLACK GIRLS!

Since he knows from comedy, the creator isn't taking any user submissions, and is planning on updating it once a day for the whole year, though how can you look so far forward when your mom is looking good and comin' on strong?!?