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The Rum House

When it comes to reform, they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but if that were totally true, you'd still be able to go to Times Square and dog some old tricks. Shaping up a different kind of Times Square standby, the guys behind The Rum House

Recently taken over by the "bespoke cocktail" crew at Tribeca's Ward III, who're elevating the joint from its "too many cigarettes and cheap whiskey" past, RH'll retain certain of its namesake predecessor's decades-old features (the "permanent" piano, a multi-lantern chandelier, etc.) while injecting fresh décor blood via red leather banquettes and intricate metalwork...good to see you're off the couch, Joe Satriani! Boasting an extensive whiskey collection and a host of "thoughtfully curated" rums, some cocktails stay true to the joint's classic roots, from French 75s and Ramos Fizzes, to Johnny Drum Manhattans and Dark & Stormies, to Mai Tais and rum Old Fashioneds, who get bitters if you use them to kiss on the first date. Original concoctions are also on hand, including the Cohan (whiskey, Cocchi Americano, OJ, egg white, bitters), the Chinaco Blanco/Meletti bitters/ fresh lime Diego Rivera, and the single malt/ Ramazzotti/ yellow Chartreuse Barrymore, though her presence's a bit odd considering there's no coke in the mix

And for those looking to ease into the afternoon, they'll soon unveil a weekend selection of innovative Bloody Marys, appropriate, as now that TSQ's been tamed, about the only violence you'll find there is celerey 'sault.