The Lodges at Snowcreek

Though ski lodges generally do a good job of being on/near mountains, they typically neglect the deeper reality of ski weekends: that you and your friends will spend most of your trip holed up drinking. To the rescue: The new Lodges at Snowcreek in Mammoth.With beds for up to 10/floors for hundreds, the 'Creek's rental lodges are perfectly equipped for the two-runs-then-rum skier. In addition to the basics (hot tubs, indoor/outdoor pools, BBQs, etc), Snowcreek goes the extra mile by offering your choice of these dude-tastic in-house options:Poker Tables: At which to hustle your real-estate-agent friends and finance your independent film about killing-real-estate-agent-friends-in-a-lodge. Foosball: For the guy who loves soccer but is uncomfortable with the jocular on-field butt-slapping that only skewered, plastic men seem to be able to resist.Xbox 360: In case the groinal injury you acquired on that last "really more of a blue" run forces you to settle for "Alpine Ski 2007" and the compulsive eating of pudding snacks.Each lodge is also served by a concierge who'll handle everything from booking restaurant reservations to pre-stocking your kitchen with ingredients for your signature garbage-can drink, the consumption of which'll prompt you to wander into the cold, only to be un-thawed centuries from now, when all lodges have become this wonderful.