Wine tasting can be lovely, especially if you wear mock-turtlenecks, drive a Saab, and use words like "lovely". For a booze cruise more your speed, get with Brewhop

Simply: Brewhop is a guzzling tour of San Diego's many breweries, designed for you and a limo-full of your fellow non-swish-spitters. You choose the breweries whose suds you most crave, and they'll coordinate free tastings, secure food discounts (20% off), and pick you up from the airport/hotel/blimp dock in an an abnormally long, embarrassingly luxurious vehicle. Lightweights'll enjoy the 2.5HR Taster Tour, but more advanced drinkers will opt for the Beer Connoisseur: a five-hour/four-stop outing on which you'll meet master brewers, learn about the art/science of beer creation, then watch grown men tear up as you shotgun their life's work like a shirtless meathead on Lake Havasu.

On either tour, your Brewhop guides'll urge you to grab plenty of roadies to enjoy in transit -- drinking you could call "Arkansas style", except you won't be behind the wheel of a pickup, chugging from a 24oz can as you run a wayward Saab off the road.