Wake Up Your MMOJO™

People go to all manner of extremes trying to get their lives into perfect sync. Some travel to faraway mountains, climb them, and live on top of them, despite there being many hardships and no entertainment besides a VHS tape someone brought back from Katmandu of that 80s movie where the hero does a hybrid of martial arts and gymnastics.

Others do yoga, which can also be trying on the spirit, especially if the studio's in a strip mall, right next to something more entertaining, like a place that only sells pagers.

An easier, less travel-intensive way to be your best you is by drinking Minute Maid OJ. It just makes you feel good, and people like people who feel good. That's MMOJO, my friend. It's like having your own personal marching band. The best part: a lot of good comes from feeling good, and that's good, possibly even bueno.

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