Flavour Gallery

What's written on your t shirt says a lot about you: "Free Tibet" means you're into political causes, "I'm With Coco" means you enjoy quirky latenight comedy, and "Coed Naked Soccer" means you get your kicks on the grass. Or you go hard for 90 minutes. It really depends on which one you've got. For a shirt that says "my weird issues with food are behind me!", check out the Flavour Gallery.Just launched this week, FG's a new line of tees dedicated to food/food culture from a duo of eats-obsessed fashion industry vets who claim to want to add fashion to today's obsession with "food in pop culture", also what Pete Carroll advocated be the major of every player on his team. Their first drop's got graphics ranging from direct to subtle, with highlights including a number reading "Colazione Del Contadino", which is the name of a recipe from chef David Rocco; a cow under the words "Le Boueuf Sur Le Toit ("The Ox On the Roof" -- also the name of a Parisian restaurant), and "Salt", which features a hand spilling on the shirt, or is it a Russian agent pretending it's a hand spilling on the shirt?!? Even Angelina has no idea! They've also got a joint featuring an elephant w/ the name of an Indian spice market underneath and a design w/ five different chefs' knives, available on white or black tees or a hoodie -- perfect for those times when five knives on a tee shirt just isn't sketchy enough. In addition, they've also got shirts for chicks (V-Day gift?!?), as well as shopping bags, and hold your horses, because coming soon, they've got aprons, which -- unlike an actual naked coed -- is something feminine you can finally approach with No Fear.