A really good British pub on the Upper East Side

Finding a really good British pub in NY can be difficult, and once you do it's typically packed with celebrities -- seriously, isn't there anything better for A7, The Sun? For a Brit pub with a more friendly neighborhood vibe, check out The Jones Wood Foundry

From a team of La Goulue/ Raines Law Room alums, this two-tiered joint's canvas-stooled front bar boasts a wrought iron & stained glass window in the rear that overlooks a sky-lit banquet hall (w/ communal natural form wood table), which itself sits adjacent an outdoor courtyard, and connects to a low-ceilinged dining room with rustic touches including mirrors framed by antlers (as if your reflection didn't look desperately horny enough). In hard-stuff limbo thanks to a nearby school, whistle whetting's focused on a UK/Euro-centric brew program -- Skullsplitter, Chimay, Fuller's, etc. -- highlighted by oddballs like a St. Feuillien Triple 9L Salmanazar (the "largest beer bottle in the world"), and a JWF-exclusive Six Point brewed using barley from Perthshire, Scotland, making it the perfect play if you want to mac Beth. The kitchen'll be turning out seasonal, elevated tavern victuals including a trio of rotating savory pies (e.g., lamb & rosemary, curried chicken); hare/wood pigeon/venison-filled Poacher's Soup; Lancashire hot pots w/ braised lamb shoulder; and, sided by a savoy cabbage & wild mushroom casserole, a roasted Berkshire rack, which can happen pretty quickly considering how pale everyone is there

While the grills aren't yet fired, the bar "Toast" menu's avail for sustenance starting tonight, topping bread with the likes of Scotch eggs, citrus potted crab, and pork rillete & scratchings, which, other than the boobs on Page 3, is about all The Sun is filled with, too.