Paris Club

When people think of Paris they usually think of the passion, the excitement, and the weird night vision lighting that kind of ruins things, but whatever, you're already halfway done. Passionately repping the no-less-amorous city of Paris: Paris Club.Opening in the former Brasserie JO space, PC's loading artsy photography of its namesake into the nearly 5,000sqft main dining room, whose mirrored walls & elaborate chandeliers contrast rustic barnwood tables and distressed floors, which get even more freaked out during sweeps week. The menu's rife with contempo-classic Frenchness, including by-the-piece escargot in puff pastry, pig trotter bonbons, lamb meatballs with harissa-tomato sauce, and croque monsieur fingers, though croque madame prefers when you use your mouth. Hearty countryside mains, meanwhile, run from short rib Bourguignon, to confit duck with wheatberries & candied cherries, to skate wing w/ lemon, capers, and brown butter, but not Leroy Brown butter, 'cause that's just bad, bad.Drinks wise, the 60-plus bottle Franco-American wine list'll include several proprietary varieties on tap, and come summer, the second floor'll debut as an indoor/outdoor lounge called Studio Paris, which, if it's anything like Paris, is sure to be grossly packed full every night.