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Off-menu margs for lunch

Having a drink at lunch usually means one of two things: A) you've got the rest of the day off, or B) you're now sixteen drinks behind John Daly. Allowing you to get within fourteen of good ol' mildly troubled John: the Three Margarita Lunch at Maya.Because Martinis shouldn't have all the fun, SOMA's upscale easy-to-reach-with-public-transit Mexstaurant is hooking up Thrillist readers with an employment-defying, totally off-menu TML special, available now through the end of March, but not through the end of March of the Penguins, as that movie's like 85 minutes long. Cleverly disguised on your to-be-expensed receipt as a totally harmless "prix fixe lunch", this liquid (and some solids) off-menu deal will include the requisite three margs with el Jimador reposado tequila, slices of muddled lime, simple syrup, and OJ, which was presumably squeezed back in September of 2007, while in Vegas. Food-wise, they'll start you out with a tower of fresh chips 'n guac, then help balance your liquid intake with four street tacos stuffed with any of five awesome fillables: 12hr marinated pork belly, beer-soaked filet mignon, chipotle mayo'd shrimp, chili strip-topped potato, or cactus, which is in a League of its own, mostly located around the Phoenix - Scottsdale area. The entire vittles and booze lunch journey will only run you $35 (saving you more than 30% off what you'd normally spend) -- a price so damn good, you might just be tempted to make it a Daly thing.