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Russell Simmons is Here to Make You Super Rich

Because he's super rich, and you want to be, we caught up with hip-hop/fashion/meditation mogul Russell Simmons, who just released his third book, entitled...Super Rich! The man who put the argyle sweater vest back on the map talked to us about closing deals while wearing towels, baller Hamptons parties, and most importantly, foolproof techniques to become as rich as him -- in spirit definitely, and hopefully pocketbook.

So, you're Super Rich. How's that feel? What's it feel like? Enlightened. So it's called Super Rich, which is about a heightened awareness, a blissful state. The people who live in that state are good givers, and people who focus on giving are great getters. The fringe benefit is lots of money and toys and things. Luckily the road to enlightenment is paved with riches.

Puffy, as an intern, put coffee in my hand before I even knew he was in the office. [Warner Music Group CEO] Lyor Cohen did everything everyone wanted. He made everyone better until one day we all looked to him for leadership. These people are very focused on giving.

People who are Super Rich can make choices. They can watch their life like a movie and play the role they want to play, as opposed to being cast in a role, and stuck on stupid.

You encourage people with talents to give away what they've created for free...what about talentless people? Should they just keep their crappy stuff to themselves? Hmm...um, well, you do it because you love it, I hope? I didn't tell anybody to live in poverty! You have to change your condition to create your own happiness and wealth. You don't make music for money. Music makes money.

You used to conduct important business meetings in the steam rooms of the Turkish baths wearing nothing more than a towel; what's the biggest deal you ever closed while mostly naked? What is the biggest deal I ever closed in the Turkish baths...wow...I don't know. [asks his guys around him] Man, I don't know! I'll get back to you on that, I promise.

Who do you think the greatest MC is, not just the best rapper, but the total package that can move the crowd? Man, I don't know, I don't know. It changes! I don't think it stays the same for more than a moment. If you've got a definite favorite, you're not here, now. There're so many moments when you're here, and you're really excited and happy and enthusiastic, and you can't really compare them. The experience, the inspiration you get from a rapper, or a song, it depends on your mood, and how it affects you. And that never stops changing.

I've read that you never hit your snooze button, you just wake up and go every day when the alarm goes off. What do you do with those extra nine minutes? Yep, I just jump up, I don't hit the snooze button, I roll over, I light a candle, and I meditate for 20 minutes. no matter what. I don't care how late I am.

We hear you throw some summertime ragers in the Hamptons. Coincidentally, so does Thrillist. You comin' this year? Well, my party is dope as hell, but it's for charity, it's $1,500 a person. If we come to that one, are you coming to ours? Is it free?

Absolutely. Hell yeah I'm coming!

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