The Makers of Irish Spring® Present Thrillist's Guide to a Legendary St. Paddy's Day

A simple truth: on St. Patrick's Day, even the awesome power of your "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirt will be nullified if you smell like the day after St. Paddy's. A simple solution: before heading out on this joyous occasion, up your charm factor with new Irish Spring® deodorant. So now that you're smelling fresh and feeling legendary, the next step is to be sure to hit the right spots, as it would be a terrible shame to waste that new dose of charm on a bar packed full of...lads. To aid you in this quest, Thrillist has compiled a quintet of worthy spots: from a 48-tap West Loop pub named after the Haymarket Riots, to a panko-breaded-shrooms-serving Lakeview bar named after an Irish avant-garde writer who started the postmodernist movement -- because waiting for Godot is one thing, but waiting for a beer is unacceptable.

To get the full list of St. Paddy's recommendations, click here, and remember: you don't need luck when you smell awesome.

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