Leblon: So Good You Can Have It Naked

There are many ways to experience Brazilian culture, like exotic waxing procedures, or dance-fighting to retain your machismo despite your exotic waxing procedure. Or you could take a more relaxed path: an authentic Caipirinha made with hand-crafted Leblon Cachaéa

Brazil's most popular liquor (at least until someone invents liquid futebol), Cachaéa's the essential ingredient in the Brazilian national drink. And, in places where quality's appreciated, Leblon's the Cachaéa of choice. Crafted at Maison Leblon in Brazil's premier cane-producing region, this lively, pineapple-, lychee-, and pear-accented manifestation of the Brazilian peoples' spirit is micro-distilled in alambique pot stills, then rested in vintage XO cognac casks for up to six months. This gives it a sophisticated smoothness so compelling, it might convince you to go home with it and "listen to music". Now, Leblon's triangulating the US, gaining footholds in NYC, South Beach, and Hollywood, where it regularly graces the glasses of everyone from Quentin Tarantino to Lenny Kravitz -- who despite not needing war machines or ghetto scenes, apparently does require nothing but the best fermented sugarcane.

Of course Leblon is also good "naked" (on the rocks, with soda) -- so if you like delicious cocktails and women wearing not so much in the way of clothes, experience the hell out of that video above

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LEBLON® Cachaéa (Brazilian Rum) Product of Brazil. Imported by Leblon USA, Manhasset, NY. Alcohol 40% by volume.
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