Sensis' QuikStrips Allow You To Do It. Faster.

Important news for anyone who enjoys getting intimate and/or "humpty" in the bedroom, and sometimes the laundry room: Sensis' new condoms come with "QuikStrips" -- a startling innovation that revolutionizes the way you get it on, before you get it on. If that (on top of the pic you see above) is not enticing enough, here are three reasons why you need to watch the video:

1. Quickness: You will discover a way to keep your momentum rolling right through the most crucial time in any sexual encounter, no matter how passionate, dark, upside-down, or insanely freaky the moments leading you to this point were.

2. Safety: You will see how the QuikStrips help you nip the flip, a dirty mistake that often occurs when you try to unroll a certain object quickly in the dark, and then realize you need to flip said object over after it's already touched your d...elightful presence -- which increases your odds for getting an STI and subsequently flipping the flip out.

3. A Hot Chick: You will see an aesthetically-pleasing woman roll around on a table in scantily-clad attire and get ludicrously naughty with a banana. Good times!

Check the video above, and hit Sensis' Facebook page for more info on the faster glove for better love -- which you can score at select Walgreens or online