Jeff Newelt

Thrillist salutes Stoli Original Jeff Newelt, a man whose pioneering use of social media allowed him to quit his day job and become a one-man PR machine for his many passion projects -- a role that has him not only promoting a swarm of boundary-pushing writers, artists, musicians, and graphic novelists, but also connecting them via salons, and through creative collaborations (e.g., the Pekar Project webcomics he produced with the late Harvey) that redefine the very way we tell our stories. But it's not all about delivering The Word: Newelt also creates it, helping turn comics into riotous intellectual carnivals in his role as comics editor for several hugely influential magazines, and, under the alter-ego JahFurry, taking the stage with some of reggae's biggest legends -- appropriate, as no matter how many things Newelt gets behind, in the end it's all One Love.