Food & Drink

So much better than a Toblerone

Marking the first time a company's actually admitted to wanting to get you addicted since Disney, is the new chocolate "dealer" in town Blood & Chocolates. From a NYC-born chocolatier and a St. Paul choco fan who've been scheming on giving Twin Citians their chocolate fix for a while and're finally getting the chance, B & C carries a deep swath of global chocolateness as well as their own line of handmade goodness in what they call "an apothecary style store", not to be confused with an "apothecary-style store", where you can go to jazz up all your apothecary vessels. Among their dizzying and unique array of chocolaciousness, they offer:Chocolate Inhaler: Similar to a Vick's inhaler this French gadget gives the sensation of chocolate without actually eating any, and is called "Le Whiff", also what Pirates fans used to call Adam LaRoche.Dead Rock Star Truffles They've standard house-made trufflian fare like orange-infused Clementine ones in addition to vastly more badass dead rock star inspired ones like the the bourbon-based JAnis, the red wine Jimi, the PB/ banana Elvis, which is strange since Grbac is A) a QB and B) still alive. Chocalate Drinks From chocolate-based teas to a line of wine and champagne jellies, they'll also be slinging chocolatey beverages (word is beer and wine may come eventually), TKTK