You're Invited: Guinness Believer

What: Lose your fear of the dark, and attend Guinness Believer, where you'll be steeped in a legacy over two centuries in the making. With the help of a Guinness Ambassador, you'll experience a multi-sensory, multimedia retelling of the brand's history, the story of each pint's creation from barley to brew, and with a $5 donation to charity, samplings of the Guinness you love -- including Draught, Black Lager, and Foreign Extra Stout.

Where: The local temple of tipples, otherwise known as a killer venue near you

When: The time to ferment is now -- click below for details

Why: Because heaven is a 119.5 second "two-part pour" for ideal levels of thick-headed creaminess

Follow the link below to RSVP, or be forever banished from the Biergarten of Guinness.