Two guys and a casual-wear company

Not at all a bro-tastic remake of the 1998 IFC original Lizbet & Anna, Chuck & Jake is a couldn't-be-more-casual clothing line from a couple of UT grads who basically just wanted to start a business they could believe in, a requirement that, thanks to one's Dana Scully-like temperament, ruled out alien hunting.

The short- & long-sleeve tees, polos, crews, sweatshirts, shorts, etc, are all marked by a signature ribboned pocket, be it houndstooth, or the orange and white gingham of the Gameday, selected by Lee Corso after a long deliberation ending in "Ah, f*** it!". The subtly perceptible inspiration comes from unlikely sources, as with the the Dig Deeper Watson ("Sherlock Holmes can be a little snarky as he's out solving mysteries with Watson, but hey, he always gets to the bottom of the case"), and a polo seeking something Joe Namath has absolutely no need for: the Dónde Está El Mistletoe.

They've also get a few hats, and some tank tops, though if you're wanting an opinion on how you look strutting around in one of those, don't worry, the truth is out there, and it won't stay hidden long.