Sneakers and Tees and Crewnecks... oh my!

Because Starship never got around to recording the surefire Detroit anthem "We Built This City (On Soul Music So Specialized We Trademarked Its Sound)", the sneak-freaks at Burn Rubber are paying homage to the blue collar denizens who're the backbone of Motor City, creating an (almost) full outfit you can wear to do the same and bundling it into a ltd-ed Workforce Pack. From the bottom on up, it's got:"Blue Collar" Shoes: Made using New Balance's MT850 silhouette, the BCs sport gray mesh toes & tongues, top-grade navy leather siding, 3M reflective logo tags, and three lace options (white, navy, and mustard), plus hidden details like a chambray-lined interior, and an insole printed with a design of work tools, who you can walk all over without fear of getting reported to HR.Pants: None, probably because working it's hard with pants on.Tees: Only dropping 50 of each, the two tee styles comprise a heather gray joint with "DETROIT" emblazoned over the chest, and a white job touting "BLUE COLLAR", something it ironically lacks.Sweatshirt: Rounding out the pack's a warm & fuzzy crewneck flashing a cartoony "Burn Rubber Workforce" on the front, and a Workforce logo on the nape that incorporates the phrases "Making Something From Nothing" and "Blood, Sweat, and Tears...", a band that built itself on... recording Brenda Holloway tunes!