Protect yourself from the Hamburglar, and other robbers

Have you ever been robbed, then faced all sorts of issues with the loser insurance company when you didn’t have your valuables properly documented? No, you haven't? Well then clearly you don’t live in Liberty City. Even so, you probably need VaultBox, a Miami-developed service that lets you inventory your stuff via a cloud-based system that’ll make placing claims super-easy should disaster strike, and some masked bandit steals your Busta Rhymes When Disaster Strikes CD

First, just pick from yearly membership options for how much you want protected: if it's four items or less Congrats! You can use the express checkout aisle that actually takes way longer than the regular ones, there's zero cost, while protecting more is still pretty reasonable, like 50 items for $25/year, or 150 for $50

Then, get to compiling data the insurance nerds will surely ask for, by scanning barcodes, uploading pics, and providing info like prices, purchase dates, and serial numbers. Said entries're automatically stored on your iPhone/iPad and computer, but since most criminals aren't really old and fearful of technology, those will likely get jacked if you do get robbed, so everything’s backed up in the cloud, because it’s near-impossible to steal a visible mass of water droplets that’s suspended in the atmosphere

Each item’s "report" can be easily printed or emailed to those pesky insurance companies or the 5-0, who may or may not eventually find the perpetrator and stage a Busta-Bust