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Drink in the old Drink space

Remember Drink? Of course you don't, you wild party animal! Wait, put down your hand for a second, no high-fives until you read this important info: Drink is being replaced by Wellman's Pub. That's right: Mpls's notorious, Iowa-rooted party bar has a vastly new look & feel, and, since any night in that space inevitably produces tons of questions the next morning, here's the rundown in Q and A form

What happened to Uncle Bucks?First off, congrats on knowing that, pre-Wellman's Pub, Drink was going to be changed to "Uncle Bucks". Second, be thankful that you don't have to party inside John Candy

Is this place sort of like the ESPN to Drink's SpikeTV?Whoa, that's actually a perfect analogy -- you should be a writer. So, yes: it's still casual, but things are now substantially nicer (high-end leather booths are in, while the gross DJ booth and framed pics of wild revelers are now gone) and more sports-focused, with 27 game-blasting TVs, black and white sports pics, and a score and news ticker above the bar

While at Drink, my buddies and I would often yell "now that's what I call a sack lunch, mmnomnomnom!" (before high-fiving). But now that I'm mature, I'd prefer to eat actual food -- will it be available?Thankfully, yes. They've got a full kitchen cooking up wraps (pesto portobello, Asian tuna), sammies (prime rib dip, a fried egg & bacon number), and burgers like the chipotle-mayo'd "Squealer"

I'm still trying to booze, obvi -- what's the bar situation?They'll serve a decidedly less neon selection (from a shiny new room-spanning bar) that'll feature standard cocktails, 12 taps (including Bell's and Fulton), plus draft 1919 root beer for making "bombs" with stuff like cinnamon-infused booze.

Sweet. Up high?!No.