Class It Up

Published On 03/27/2012 Published On 03/27/2012

Because in all likelihood the biggest mess in your life right now is you, we've made your Spring cleaning easy with one awesome, classy-but-not-stuffy look curated by the dapper dudes at e-haberdashery Context Clothing.

From shoes to shades, we've got you fully covered, so check out our most excellent slideshow breaking down every element, lest you look like you're having a breakdown yourself.

Gitman Vintage's Roland Garros Chambray should have others Open to Frenching you.

Get grey plaid from Engineered Garments' Daiki Suzuki (don't worry, it isn't

Canadian outfit wings+horns considers their Westpoint Chino an "updated classic".

A "rugged" Flight Jacket from not-at-all-redundantly-named Woolrich Woolen Mills.

Harding & Wilson go to Pendleton for their wool, but surprisingly not their Terry cloth.

Kenton Sorenson's handmade belt "will develop a golden brown color with consistent wear".

Barton Perreira's meticulously crafted Ribisi Champagne, named for Giovanni's... bubbly characters?

Context's collab with 126-year old bootmaker Alden, these kicks are "unsurpassed for breathable comfort and long wear".

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