Smoke 'em, because they got 'em

While Portlanders can push cart-goods like obesity-inducing sandos stuffed with fries and CPR-tempting burgers w/ buns made of grilled cheese, they can't sell alcohol because that would be, you know, irresponsible. For a new cart realizing that stogies may also ruin your health in highly enjoyable fashion, and aren’t outlawed, check out Broadway Cigar Downtown.

From a dude who owns a massive Quonset hut of tobacco-fun on Broadway's Northeast side comes BCD, basically the hut's mini-me, providing everything from after-dinner stogies to a quick "lunch-break smoke", or what George Burns called "lunch". Parked on the ground level of the US Bank Corp garage (and more importantly, a block up from Mary's Club) and offering a covered/heated lounge, the fire engine-red trailer is packing classy wood floors and walls lined with glass-doored, floor-to-ceiling African mahogany humidors that keep things at 70deg with 70% humidity, or what George Burns called "the weather in places where people get my jokes". BCD’s curated their 170 unique stogies for the downtown crowd: perfect-with-pre-work-coffee jobs including the mild Honduran Connecticut-wrapped Camacho, 30min lunch-hour relaxers including the medium-bodied Arturo Fuente Short Story, and higher-end, post-dinner park-benchers such as the Litto Gomez La Flor Dominicana rocking tones of "spice and chocolate", or what George Burns called "Sammy Davis Jr.". Hey, it was a different era!

Not content to just stock stogies, BCD also offers massive ashtrays, small humidors, leather & cedar-lined cigar holders, and even high-end lighters from Prometheus, who you can basically thank for grilled cheese, cigars, and basically everything else from a cart that'll ruin your health.