The world's hotels at your fingertips, if you're rich

Published On 03/15/2012 Published On 03/15/2012

When searching for where to stay on your trip, it's hard to know who to trust, and which places just have undeserved bad raps, whether it's a hotel, a motel, or a Holiday Inn. So why not just pay a truckload of cash instead, and stay at a place that's certified pimp by Portico.

A just-launched, Mile High-based "luxury destination club", Portico offers members seriously reduced rates at 150 hand-picked private homes and hotels spanning 50 destinations. They're now offering charter memberships at 50% off, which is also where your socks will be knocked when you check out the pics of some of their jaw-dropping gems:

Los Cabos, Mexico: Just take a moment and soak that in. Nice, right? This is at the Esperanza resort, where a gigantic patio and spa (rated super high by Travel & Leisure) will help you release the stress of a day spent frolicking on nearby beaches.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Can you see yourself here? Well you shouldn't be able to, creep: it's an uber-private three-bedroom residence in the Real del Mar development that's limited to less than 50 houses total. Should you fork over the quiche though, you'll get access to a private beach club and stunning views of Banderas Bay.

Sonoma, California: This private four-bedroom house is set on 80 acres of hills & vineyards, and it includes an outdoor pool & hot tub, a fire pit, and "convenient access to wine country", not to be confused with whine country, aka what you normally find searching for hotels on the Internet.