Time travel yourself to some comfort food

Fans of endearingly mumbly gangster rappers aren't the only ones who yearn for the 50s, or at least that's the hope of the guy who just opened mid-century throwback StarLite Diner & Lounge. The People's Republic's newest (/oldest) is packed with era-appropriate “vintage food and Coca-Cola” signs, a working jukebox, a long counter with stools where guests can stuff their faces with “classic comfort food”, and a small lounge for grabbing a pre-movie drink before hitting next door's Century Cinema, or if you're going to A Thousand Words, like 10 pre-movie drinks.

The appetizers are so chock-full of calories they could be in a Paula Deen cookbook under “Light Salads”, with cheesy goodness like a cheddar dip with seasoned beef/ tomatoes/ jalapenos, deluxe potato skins smothered in a three-cheese blend & bacon, and smaller apps like fried mac & cheese bites, green beans, and pickle chips.

Stuff your face all day long with the breakfastastic "Coupe Deville" (fried egg/ bacon/ sausage/ cheese/ tater tots on Texas Toast), or hearty later-day selections like chicken pot pie, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, and seven burger options like the teriyaki/ Swiss/ grilled pineapple Hawaiian, which Ka-may-ha make you extremely fat.

Clearly in an effort to keep things period-appropriate, they don't have a ton of beer options, but they are rocking four taps (including Avery IPA), bottles of Corona & Miller Lite, and cans of Upslope, presumably as a nod to how everyone born in the '50s walked to school, both ways, in the snow.