Lean forward to go, lean back to stop

No longer just a term for what Dirk Nowitzki pulls down when a shot is missed, ZBoard is a weight-sensing electric skateboard outta Hermosa that's sorta like a Segway that Bart Simpson would dig -- you lean forward to go, and lean back... lean back... lean back to stop.

The 40in deck is available in two models -- the Classic and the lithium-Ion-battery-equipped Pro -- which go between 15-17mph (thanks to a 400w motor), feature regenerative braking (so you can stop on a downhill), and have a 5-10mi range, after which you can recharge in 5hrs or less using just a normal outlet, unless you like great deals on tan pleated chinos, in which case opt for a Premium Outlet.

In addition to front and rear foot pads (which increase and decrease your speed depending on how much pressure you apply), the ZBoard's also equipped with off-road wheels, heavy-duty trucks, and even a built-in handle for carrying, which'll be useful when Stephon Marbury's not around.

These epic boards literally just became available for pre-order at less than $500, and'll start shipping as early as April, so stop being such a Maverick and buy one already.