Rule the air, and airport, with an app

Between the layovers, the loneliness, and the navigating unfamiliar airports, traveling has its issues -- but hey, that never stops LeBron from doing it! Here to solve the first three problems and more is Zamp, an ATL-created free app that compiles all your pertinent info, plus lets you find a drink/Cinnabon and hook up with other travelers, maybe literally, if they’ve had enough Cinnabons. Drinks. If they’ve had enough drinks.

What you can do:

"Check in": While it doesn't do actual ticketing/x-raying your junk as you hold your hands over your head, it does use your location to identify your airport, display local weather, gate info, total miles, travel time, and even your plane's tail number, which is presumably zero if you're flying Virgin.

Meet Fly People: The Who's Here function shows you other Zamp users (including females!) in the same airport, who you can meet up with for a quick drink, that Cinnabon, or to split a cab home, because the entire point of meeting women is to get them to pay for half of your ground transportation.

Look Really Travel-y: Zamp logs your flights and creates a profile that pinpoints places you've visited/conquered, along with total air miles, and individual flight deets like the exact amount of time spent in the clouds, something everyone knows is way better than a lot of hard drives.

Be a Hartsfield-Jackson/Any Other Airport Guru: Make yourself credible/approachable by sharing valuable info with others, such as places to hit in any city, recs on airport restos/bars, and whether or not parking decks are full and security lines are crowded, meaning you may have to take your talents to... the security line at the T-Gates.