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You sit on your butt, they bring you stone crab

My Ceviche can also be yours, thanks to Chef Sam Gorenstein (BLT, The Raleigh) and Roger Duarte (George's Stone Crab), who’re plating crustaceans and ceviche-ized local fish at actually affordable prices, bringing it "from the ocean to your door in 24 hours", while also letting you enjoy it inside the South Beach Hostel, just steps away from Joe's... yeah, sorry about that, Joe’s

First, pick a seasonal protein guaranteed to have not been out of the water for more than a day, including charred octopus, grilled shrimp, and raw yellowfin, then have them either toss it into Aji Amarillo (Florida citrus, mint, red onions), Coconut (coconut water, lime, red onions, avocado), or Rocoto (cilantro, sweet potato, roasted red peppers, corn), or plop it into tacos/burritos w/ pico de gallo, lime-jalapeno aioli, and salsa verde & roja, even though a place this delicious will hopefully never be in the red

Also here to battle Fun Dip for your stomach’s attention are queso-smothered grilled corn, cilantro coconut rice, and glazed sweet potatoes, plus orders of George's stone crab claws ranging in size from medium (6-8 claws) to colossal (1-2), all paired with a trio of sauces: horseradish dijonnaise, lime-roasted jalapeno, and classic mustard, who predictably took out Mrs. Peacock in the conservatory with the lead pipe again. Just classic

Although it's primarily take-out and delivery (from 3rd-40th St), you can also counter-order and plop down at the hostel's liquor/beer-stocked bar, if you can manage to steal the seat of some very average Joe.