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Late-night tequila and octopus tacos in Davis Square

In life, the only thing better than working at a popular neighborhood pizza place with Ryan Reynolds and the chick who plays Tony Shalhoub's assistant on Monk is owning one. And maybe opening a second spot, focusing it on tequila & tacos, and calling it The Painted Burro. And definitely being a hot-headed fighter pilot with a heart of gold. Though he doesn't yet have his flight license, the dude behind nearby Pizzeria Posto has crossed continents nonetheless, transforming the former Gargoyles into a 95-seat Mexican kitchen & tequileria described as a “farm chic hacienda” that features a red-/ white-walled dining room with weathered wood tables, plus a 14-seat hammered tin/ reclaimed beam bar lit by wire cage lamps and overlooked by a unicorn burro mural rocking a luchador mask and corncob horn. Bar snacks -- heritage pork chicharrones, toasted corn, spiced nuts, etc. -- back up 10 types of tacos that range from lamb neck with apricot barbacoa/ cotija, to octopus sprinkled w/ smoked paprika, to a mythical four-meater packed w/ chorizo, skirt steak, lamb neck, and pork called the Chupacabra, so don't be surprised if it also ends up getting your goat. If you prefer your meals in liquid form, they come correct with bottles of Mexican beer (wrapped in brown paper "drawers"), crafty libations like the Abuelo, Abuelo (Monte Alban Mezcal, Don Roberto Reposado, Xocolatl Mole Bitters), and 100 varieties of tequila that you can order in flights, as ordering them on flights is still only reserved for hot-headed people with hearts of gold (i.e., fighter pilots and Ryan Reynolds).