Shield your eyes, save the world

Since that "I'm With Stupid" wedding tux did you no good, grab some gear that sends better, environmentally friendlier messages with Maboo, a brand-spankin'-new line of bamboo-hewn sunglasses imagined by some tee-slinging Temple dudes who'll plant a tree for every pair sold, including:CrownsNo longer just the name of a move you pulled when exiting your mom, Crowns sport classic Wayfarer lines and a logo that looks like a quotation mark badging the corners, plus text burned into each carved & scalloped side.JaysWith 1.1mm lenses housed in a large, contemporary-lined frame, this likely-named-after-doctors-who-used-to-play-basketball-in-Philly pair features bamboo with an extra dark stain, speaking of which, you should probably wear these when you drop off your bed sheet at the cleaners.StixWith polarization that makes them perfect for Sailing Away, the Stix are the modern counter to the traditional Crowns, stripping all the curves and badges in favor of strong lines across the top and the bridge, because Styx has always known how to craft a strong bridge.Since you gotta protect them when they're off your head, each pair of sunglasses comes with a tubular bamboo case on the house -- something that, thanks to your tux, you only own half of.