Get the liquor store to come to you

No longer just what Hugh Grant gets from Divine, Room Service's a crazy-convenient Inner Sunset-based booze-livery service, ready to drive to any apartment/office/blanket fort in the San Francisco city limits to drop off a full complement of liquor store awesome (spirits, beer, wine, Choco Tacos, etc). Use it the next time you:

... find out you'll be running this year's Catalina Wine Mixer. Before you make your little brother's nut at the biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hemisphere since 1997 (!), get this year's vino supply pre-delivered (from Barefoot Cab, to Beringer Pinot Grigio, to Yellow Tail Chard), then get to snapping necks and cashing checks... just not with Room Service, which only accepts cash or credit.

... sneak past your Dolemite-watching Pop to hit up a house party. Assuming you want to impress Sidney and Sharane with more than just your hi-top fade, have Room Service make sure you don't arrive empty-handed with a meet-you-at-the-party selection of booze so extensive (from sixers of 21st Amendment's Back in Black and 24s of PBR, to Fernet and Buffalo Trace Bourbon) everyone'll know you aren't Kid 'n around.

... light up some special tobacco in your car and then accidentally witness a dangerous drug lord commit murder. You're about to be hunted down with heat-seeking missiles, um, bloodhounds, foxes, and barracudas, so you might as well sate your case of the munchies, with delivered-'til-2a deliciousness like Ben & Jerry's, maple syrup, Funyuns, Skippy, Cheerios, and Dole Pineapple Chunks, but not Pineapple Express Chunks, because you already smoked those.

... have bad Brazilian food right before a dress fitting. Because you won't have time to get to the store before you lava dump in the sink (Look away! LOOK AWAY!!), ask them to deliver some Pepto-Bismol, which's available in tablet and liquid form.