Basically, exactly like it sounds

Stop trying to MySpace people Malibu shots, and instead get up on Tweet-A-Beer: a PDX-developed service that lets you zap $5 in beer money to anyone in the world via Twitter. The process is really that simple: you tweet, the lucky recipient gets an alert to set up an account, a PayPal transaction’s carried out, and they use their windfall to buy that sweet, sweet 24oz Tequiza. What’s not so simple is exactly why this is a good thing. Luckily, we’ve compiled those reasons for you:

  • With you not there to say "I've got this round, what're you having?", they'll be free from persecution for requesting their beloved 24 of fruit-flavored pale lager that contains zero actual tequila.
  • When you buy someone a drink, you have to fight your way through the crowd, flag down a bartender, and get a dirty look when you don’t tip “enough”. Put that all on your poor gift-ee!
  • Friends sometimes move to Seattle. This makes them very sad. Beer is the only cure for sadness.
  • People will enjoy this much more than sending someone a tweet with a picture of your wiener.
  • It's way more satisfying than #beer.
  • Some studies indicate that it's much safer than pouring entire beers into people's phones.
  • It’s very difficult to complete Suddenly Susan marathons while you’re buying people drinks at bars.