Eat On This: The Thrillist + Zagat “Feast with Friends” Contest

If you're tired of your opinions on food being ignored like your opinions on everything else, weigh in via a forum that’ll actually reward your critical prowess: the Thrillist + Zagat “Feast with Friends” Contest, featuring a grand prize of an exclusive dinner for eight at one of your city’s finest restaurants. Just enter your details on the “Feast with Friends” Contest page, then try to ignore the pan-seared rhubarb chip on your shoulder as you head to to evaluate neighborhood eateries on Food, Decor, Service, and Cost. Doing so will put you in the running for a prize that includes a sprawling, friend-pleasing feast at a fine dining establishment, the special attention of the chef and staff, and a complimentary serving of the envy of other less-prized patrons.

Offer up your details for the “Feast with Friends” Contest, then rock the vote on, because your opinion is very valuable, even if nobody knows it yet.